30 DAY




Our 30 Day Challenge is always  in full swing. Start as soon as Tomorrow! 

Our  founder, Aurelia Michael, has replicated the challenge she did for herself at the top of the pandemic,

and her career hasn’t been the same. New to VO? Looking for a cost effective and time efficient way to dive in?

This is the program for you.


Jam-packed with assignments, podcasts, videos, articles, community connection, accountability, and a final 

coaching and evaluation session. Rolling admission to begin as soon as you’d like.


Submit payment below

and email vodassistant@gmail.com and provide your desired start date.



Registration/Payment Options

Registration is easy! Submit payment via one of the options below with your email address in the subject line, and once payment is made, you will receive a registration link. Once  registration is filled out, you will receive the first week of assignments 24hours later. 

Do I already have to be a VO artist to do this challenge? 

Absolutely not. While this is also a great tool for VO artist that are looking to dive into other genres within the industry, this challenge is for the new voices on the block. 

About how long does each assignment take daily?

The amount of time varies, but typically 15-20 minutes for articles and 30-45 for recording assignments and podcast episodes.

How long do I have to complete the challenge?

You can take as long as you need. However, submitting your assignments for feedback must be sent in within 45 days of the beginning of your challenge. After that, you are more than welcome to set up a private to receive feedback. 

Can I gift this to family or a friend?

Absolutely. Just indicate that in an email to us at vodassistant@gmail.com, as well as their email address and desired start date.