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The Ultimate Voice Over Beginners Course

Even with so many incredible testimonials about our past Intro Course, VOD preaches to never settle, and practices never settling. I have brought you a course that I know you will not find anywhere else. I have spent months crafting a course that taps into beginner essentials, including:
  • VO history/genres

  • Terminology

  • Audio Editing

  • Home studio set up

  • Pay to Play sites

  • Audition technique

Mixed with my 12 years of Life Coaching experience, and 5+ years as a VO Artist and Coach, I'm excited to bring you a beginners course that includes the following and so much more:

  • Professional qualities to possess

  • Organization skills

  • Confronting nay sayers

  • Crushing directed sessions

  • Debunking VO myths

  • Part time vs Full time VO 

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