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Our VO gym class is a group coaching experience, where you gain individual feedback, build community within VOD, and learn about Coach Chris's unique coaching stay and invaluable career tips. Chris Grant will work with each student for approx. 5-7 minute individually, with everyone in the zoom room so we can learn from one another. This is a perfect place to begin getting your feet wet in the VO world, enjoy supporting other aspiring artist, and fine tune skills you may not even know you had!


It sounds exactly like what it is! A virtual roundtable jam session to practice cold reading, bringing color to someone else's words quickly, watching others to support and cheer them on, all while keeping the instrument sharp. We cover several genres (including promo, commercial, animation, and more). Just show up and we'll provide the rest.


Ever wondered what an agent or casting director would think of your voice? Well this is the perfect opportunity to meet agents and CD's, get individual feedback, see how they work with others, ask those burning industry questions, and make connections with our VOD class as a perfect reminder for them. We want to bring people into our house vs always going out to seek reps and work, so don't miss out when these happen.


Family check-ins are a no cost way to meet the VOD family, find out about our classes and course/challenge offerings, ask questions about the industry, and for our course leader to talk about their experience with recent industry work, agents, CD's, and more. These are once a quarter, so save the dates as soon as they are up. 


Prefer to meet with someone before jumping into a course or class? We provide monthly office hours, in ten minute increments, that give you a chance to get your questions clarified and to ask coaches and ambassadors what is the best beginning step for your personal journey. 


Have you ever sat down to watch your favorite show like The Bachelor or Bling Empire, or went to a movie theater and heard the opening trailer and thought “I could do that!?” Where here is Your Chance. Join us on Tuesday, February 21st as we are bringing in a Top Agency promo and trailer agent into the VOD house! This is the perfect opportunity to (1) meet more VO talent in our community (2) begin building a relationship with representation and (3) get some individual feedback and pointers from the feedback of others. 
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