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Many have asked for a program that is flexible, detailed, and extensive, 

while easy to understand.We have delivered!



New Voice On The Block

8-Part Course 


The goal of this course is to help new VO artist gain the confidence to

(1) begin your VO career with guidance and support

(2) leave lasting impressions with casting and clients, and eventually

(3) pitch yourself to representation.


  • The History Of VO 

  • VO Genres & Myths 

  • What Makes a VO Artist Successful 

  • The Do's & Dont's of VO Home Studio Set Up On A Budget  

  • Auditioning, and much more




Registration/Payment Options

Registration is easy! Submit payment via  Paypal, with your email address in the subject line, and once payment is made, you will receive a registration link with the video access. 

Do I already have to be a VO artist to do this course? 

Absolutely not. While this is also a great tool for VO artist that are looking to get a refresher on all things VO, this is dedicated to brand new students.

How are the 8 parts distributed? How long do I have access to the videos?

Once you have been given the registration link, you will have all the videos available to you to complete in your own time. Once purchased, you will have unlimited access of the videos.

May I gift this to family or a friend?

Absolutely. Just indicate that in an email to us at, as well as their email address, so we can send the video platform link to them.