It's safe to say that there is no proven "perfect order of operations" to a VO artists journey.
However, we can suggest a Voice On Demand Roadmap as a blueprint and jumping off point.
If anything, this will help you see all that VOD has to offer in one place, as well
as the many ways you can navigate our offerings.

We also want to stress that although there are only 5 steps below, this journey is a
marathon not a sprint. To have longevity in this business, you want to learn the craft inside
and out, and enjoy the ride along the way. 


Step 1: Connection

Get connected to us via our general Facebook page hereIntroduce yourself, check out some amazing posts fellow VOD members have shared, as well as find out about upcoming VOD events.

Step 2: 30 Day VOD Challenge

Jam-packed with assignments, podcasts, videos, articles, recording challenges, accountability, and a final coaching and evaluation session.Rolling admission to begin as soon as you’d likeLearn more about our educational, entertaining, and engaging challenge here

Step 3: New Voice On The Block Course

A  jam-packed course designed to teach you the introductory tools, tips and tricks, as well as the do’s and don’ts of the VO world. The goal: gaining the confidence to (1) begin your VO career, (2) leave lasting impressions in directed sessions, and (3) pitch yourself to representation. We want all VOD artist to enter the industry with knowledge, understanding, and resilience. This industry is no sprint, it's a marathon!

Step 4: Coaching & In-house/Industry Classes 

Throughout each month with have in-house classes taught by our coaches, as well as industry guest (casting directors, agents, managers, etc), so you have a chance to experience huge opportunities in a small and intimate setting. You can find those classes here.

Step 5: Auditioning, Demo Production, & Agency Pitching

Once you have the tool, equipment, and training under your belt, we'd love to help you crush auditions, York towards producing a demo, and eventually having the portfolio and confidence to pitch yourself to agencies. For private lesson info, click here.