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It's safe to say that there is no proven "perfect order of operations" to a VO artist journey.

However, we can suggest a

5 Step Voice On Demand Roadmap
as a blueprint and jumping off point. 

If anything, this will help you see all that VOD has to offer in one place, as well as
the many ways you can navigate our offerings.

We also want to stress that although there are
only 5 steps below, this journey is a marathon not a sprint.

To have longevity in this business, you want to learn the craft inside and out, and enjoy
the ride along the way. 

5 Year Roadmap.png

Step 1: Connection

Get connected to us via our newsletter on the homepage, as well as out general
Facebook page. Introduce yourself, and find out about upcoming VOD events.

Check out our "Up next" page to see if a masterclass is coming up soon.

Sign up for a 10 minute hot seat consultation so we can help you get started.

Step 2: Intro Course

This is a self-paced course intended to provide you all the introductory industry know-how to ensure a sustainable career on a budget. 


This is the perfect introduction to Voiceover, and will prep you properly for classesand private coaching sessions.

Purple Turquoise Colorful Happy World Computer Literacy Day Instagram Post.png

Step 3: Coaching & Classes 

Throughout each month, we have in-house classes taught by our coaches, as well as industry guest (casting directors, agents, managers, etc), so you have a chance to experience huge opportunities in a small and intimate setting. You can find those classes and more here. We also have monthly family check-ins for current VOD members.

Step 4: Demo Production
& Agency Pitching

VOD is a one-stop shop for demo production. Work with our coaches to get a demo created that is authentic, creative, and competitive with the current industry standard. We don't believe in rushing the process, and will always be on the same page with you about when it is time to produce a demo and pitch to agencies. 
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