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Private Rates:  

      1/2hr session ($60) l 4 1/2hr sessions ($220)

     1hr session ($90) l 4 1hr sessions ($340)

Aurelia Michael is a New York native, and studied Voiceover at the Edge Studio in NY and Los Angeles, while starring in the Donna Summer Musical on Broadway. Her voice over credits include Goldman Sachs, Zelle, Always, and Sam's Club. Aurelia has a strong passion for helping VO artist navigate the industry, how to keep audition momentum, and connection artist to one another. She is repped by Unified Management and Atlas Talent Agency.

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Private Rates:  

      45min session ($85) l 1hr sessions ($115)

      4 1hr sessions ($400)

Demo Rates:

1:05 Commercial Demo $1000 (Includes:)

           Two 65 minute prep classes l (Samples upon request)

           Copy collation  l Music selection l Mixed and Mastered


:30 Commercial Spot

           $300 for one 30 second spot

          $450 for two 15 second spots

Christopher Grant is a New York-based Voiceover artist and author. He has voiced projects for national commercial campaigns, televised awards shows, animated shows, and documentaries. Clients include Kansas City Chiefs, Notre Dame, and Athletics. His students have voiced major campaigns for Walmart, McDonalds, Nike, and Coca-Cola. Chris is repped by Innovative Artists Agency.



*Offers an option to record a script for evaluation.


Private Rates: (Offers in-person & video)

Initial session l $125 (Vid) $175 (IP)

1 session l $150(Vid) $200 (IP)

5 session l $700 (Vid) $925 (IP)

10 session l $1350 (Vid) $1800 (IP)


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Ellie has taught voice acting for nearly twenty years and has found that the craft of voice acting needs to be taught individually, with the teacher working closely with each student, in the same way one learns to play a musical instrument. Many of Ellie’s students have gone on to enjoy success in voice-overs in all parts of the country and the world, while her already-professional students have given new life to their careers.Ellie Devers is also a professional voice actress with Innovative Artists

*Offers a 15 minutes consultation call.

(Pre-recorded video or in person for higher price)


Private Rates:

1 hour session l $190

3 sessions l $555

5 session l $900 (last 2 sessions in person)

Demo Rates:

Full Demo Production l  $1000

Spot Demo Production (can be discussed)


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Alyson is a graduate of NYC’s High School of Performing Arts (from the movie “Fame”). She received her B.A. from Queens College while doing recurring work on the soap opera “Another World” as well as on-camera commercials. Alyson decided to go back to school and earned her MFA in Dramaturgy from SUNY Stony Brook. She then moved to Los Angeles and it was only then that the VO bug hit her and began doing extensive Voice Over work.