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VOD is dedicated to helping you find, honor, and project the power of your voice through the game-changing income stream of Voice Over.

We specialize in helping everyday corporates, creatives, and multi-hyphenates own their opinions, stretch their limiting beliefs, and gain
and sustain unconditional confidence. 


...and a lot of peopIe doubted me. I found 4 ways to make high 5 figures in just 6 months.

And yes, that was without representation. The best part of my journey? I get to use the breakdowns and breakthroughs to help you along the road towards doing the same. Send me your info and I'll send you my free masterclass now, and a special treat on Monday morning!

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"I did a thing...
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By Label,(my least favorite way to describe myself, or anyone else for that matter), I wear many hats.

I am a former commercial hip-hop dancer turned Broadway Performer, Musical Theater Associate Choreographer,
Voice Over Artist & Coach, Life Coach, Wife, Puppy Mommy, and (believe it or not) Competitive Bodybuilder.

But more importantly I
am a heart healer. I'm a people connector. I'm a firecracker (5ft tall and proud!). I'm a go giver. I am a vessel placed here to have a positive impact on every person I encounter. And most most importantly, you ended up here. Probably another person itching to do more than one thing, or tired of doing multiple things and not seeing a clear path to the success you desire.

VOD began in the thick of the pandemic, October 2020, and has been d
edicated to connecting, supporting, & uplifting those in desire of connection and direction. I look forward to walking this journey with you, and welcome to the family. 

Looking forward to working with you! Below you can check out the VO equipment, book must-haves, and health & wellness items I live by! 

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