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Payment recieved! We will be in touch.

Join social media and content strategist, Justin Nelson, as he helps you develop your unique and authentic brand. Topics that he will cover includes: 

  • The top 9 social media platforms and their purposes.

  • The importance of niche, audience identification, and engagement.

  • How to build your own content and not wait for the jobs to come to you and much more!

Monday, June 3rd 2024 @ 4pm pt/7pm et

VOD 2024 classes-9.png

Payment recieved! We will be in touch.

For those more seasoned in the VO game, or for those who want to get ahead -- this class is PERFECT for you. More than ever now, clients are requesting directed sessions. Gain and sustain continuous clients by providing an excellent experience on your end. I will be  covering the audition process, recording, editing, and submission efficiency, and even do a few mock sessions live! 


Monday, June 17th 2024 @ 4pm pt/7pm et

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