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Where do I start?

Here at Voice On Demand, we specialize in helping people interested in Voiceover:

(1) learn more about the different avenues in the industry
(2) find community and accountability to keep momentum going and
(3) finding the joy in pushing to leave your voice as a legacy on this earth.

If you have ever tried to google "how to start voice over," you know that it can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate what is right for you. At VOD, we work to personalize your Voiceover
experience, and help you lay concrete foundation that will lead to a lasting career. 

Is starting Voiceover training expensive?

Like anything that can make you good money, this is an investment. The main costs include (1) training
(2) equipment (3) demo and (4) audition sites. Also, once you get set up, all you may need in the future is to upgrade your equipment. With persistency and drive, you will make all you invested back - and some!

How do know if it's time to have an agent?

This question is a tricky one. The "time" to find an agent is subjective and personal to each individual, but there are some requirements and suggestions that we're more than happy to share. For most agencies, a professional demo is required. They will also expect you to have (or be ready to purchase) source connect, as well as have equipment and a studio set up that matches the quality of your demo. It can't hurt to also have a few jobs under your belt to present in a meeting, as well as the goals you have for your career. 

How do you know what to charge?

This is totally based on several factors including (1) length of copy (2) due date (3) caliber of client (4) usage and (5) your VO experience. In the beginning, you may charge on the lower spectrum as you build your work resume. But over time, you can request what you'd like, and negotiations can be an option many times. 

What is your late cancel/no show policy?

We understand that things happen. For late cancellations (under 48hrs) or no shows, 50% of your payment will go to the class and 50% will be held for future classes within 2 months. For VOD industry guests classes, refunds will not be available. 
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